Quota Management Area

The following Quota Management Area maps are produced as a guide for researchers only. They are NOT legal documents.

(in order of code)

Species Code Species Name
ANC Anchovy
ANG Freshwater Eels
BAR Barracouta
BCO Blue cod
BNS Bluenose
BUT Butterfish
BYX Alfonsino
CDL Black Cardinal fish
COC Cockles - North Island
COC Cockles - South Island
CRA Spiny (red) rock lobster
ELE Elephant fish
EMA Blue (English) Mackerel
FLA Flatfish
FRO Frostfish
GAR Garfish
GMU Grey mullet
GSH Ghost shark, dark
GSP Ghost shark, pale
GUR Gurnard
HAK Hake
HOK Hoki
HPB Hapuku and Bass
JDO John dory
JMA Jack mackerel
KIN Kingfish (coming into QMS on the 1 Oct 2003)
LEA Leatherjacket (coming into QMS on the 1 Oct 2003)
LIN Ling
MOK Blue moki
OEO Oreos
ORH Orange roughy
OYS OYU Dredge oyster - Northern South Island
OYS OYU Dredge oyster - Southern South Island
PAD Paddle Crab
PAU Paua
PHC Packhorse rock lobster
PIL Pilchard
QSC Queen Scallop
RBY Ruby fish
RCO Red cod
RIB Ribaldo
RSK Rough skate (coming into QMS on the 1 Oct 2003)
SBW Southern blue whiting
SCA Scallop
SCH School shark
SKI Gemfish
SNA Snapper
SPE Sea perch
SPR Sprat
SQU Squid
SSK Smooth skate (coming into QMS on the 1 Oct 2003)
STA Stargazer
SUR Kina
SWA Silver warehou
TAR Tarakihi
TRE Trevally
TRU Trumpeter
WAR Blue warehou
WWA White warehou
YEM Yellow-eyed mullet

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